Tuesday, October 03, 2006
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These or the notes from today's class(October 2/2006) just in case you weren't taking notes or weren't in class today at all:

*first of three ways to graph a line

Equations of straight lines can be written in three ways:
-1) Ax+By+C= 0
-2) Ax+By=C
*3) y=mx+b m=slope b=intercept

1) and 2) are standard form
3) is slope intercept form

-in order to graph from a T.O.V. (table of values), the equation must be in "slope intercept form"

while graphing the T.O.V. you should think:
a) is it in slope intercept form?
and make a:
b) two variable table

eg) graph y=2x+3 using a table of values
a) yes

*you only need 3 pts. to graph a line*

eg) let x have a value of -1,0,1
graph 4x+2y=12 using T.O.V.

eg) graph y=-4+0x


Well that's all for notes, I hope they helped the people looking for notes

So we were assigned all of exercise 5 in our red duotang and we were also responsible for "marking" one of our class mates completed unit.

-base the marks on the title page (needs to contain diagrams appropriate to the unit in this case polynomials, color and creativity) out of 5

-table of contents (a complete list of notes and assignments covered in class, and if included in completed unit must have a checkmark) out of 5

-Completeness (all class work and noted included, assignments completed, organized in same order as stated on the table of contents)out of 25

-Neatness(all items are neat, legible, and organized)out of 5

-And last but certainly not least the most important of all, the self reflections(I'm proud, I've improved, I still need to work on and trash it tags are included, reflections show insight into self improvement and learning)out of 10

if you need more explanation on the completed unit go to "unit one" by Xuan

oh yeah, before I forget the next person to post will be Kimberley



At October 03, 2006 10:54 p.m., Blogger Ms. Armstrong

Nice Graphs!!! The formating of the equations makes it difficult for the reader to follow, but the diagrams are very helpful. Perhaps you could do a little editting to make things flow better.