Tuesday, December 12, 2006
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The connection between numbers (fractions) and reducing expressions

-Factor it
-Cancel factors found in the numerator and the denominator
-Multiply / Simplify

Reduce the following fraction

Reduce the following expression

*When we Reduce and simplify algebraic fractions follow the following 5 steps:

1) Factor the numerator and the denominator
2) State the restrictions.
*What would make the denominator have a value of zero?
3) Reduce by any common terms
4) Factor out -1 if necessary
* (a - b) = -1(b - a)
5) Simplify



Sorry for being SO late in blogging, Its just that I wasnt feeling very good all weekend. To make up for me being late I will do December 12/06 also

Reducing algebraic fractions
Sorry Couldn't find a link forNon Permissible Values
Do exercises:
42 omit 12
43 omit 11