Thursday, November 02, 2006
posted by Edward at 11:03 p.m.
I finally found some information about pi. No one really knows who specifically figured out pi, but what we do know is that pi existed for over thousands of years and still today it is being used. In about 2000 BC, the babylonians used 3 1/4 as an approximation for pi and the egyptians used 256/81. Pi was used specifically for the measurements of a circle the old mathematicians used to measure really large circles to come up with the decimal numbers.


At November 03, 2006 7:06 p.m., Blogger dinh

Edward you should of used this site. It is much better.


At November 03, 2006 9:29 p.m., Blogger Ms. Armstrong

Hey Dinh,
I'm thrilled that you have gone to the effort of researching this site but...
I'm going to pick on your grammar again...
You should HAVE used this site, not you should OF used this site.