Thursday, October 19, 2006
posted by JamieC at 5:49 p.m.
Sorry I haven't been able to post, 'cause I have been having a hard time with my internet connection-- I have none right now whatsoever. And I'm using my neighbor's computer. But anyhow, for these past few days in math class, everyone has been fussing about the big math test coming up on least I was.

No need to panic though. After yesterday's and today's class, it made things a lot easier. To clarify the concept of the parts some of us found confusing, the teacher had instructed us to make a table with four columns that explain the steps someone should go through when solving a problem-- any math problem at all. Personally, I thought this was a good process to go through, because this is the kind of thing that we should think about when analyzing problems.

After creating the chart, we were given an example, a problem to apply it to:
Ex. 1 - Find the standard form of the equation of the line containing (6, 1) and (-4, -3).

I can't put in the picture...why?? I'll just save this as a draft and continue.

We did this for yet another example, which is Ex. 2 Find the equation in slope-intercept form of a line which passes through (-4, 2) and has the same y-intercept as 2x -y = 3.

And that is what we did for today's and yesterday's class. I say that this helps a lot. I'm sorry if I missed anything. Please tell me if I did, or what mistakes I made, so that I could do better next time-- because this is my first ever time blogging.

** Just another reminder. Friday is the unit TEST!! So that means the completed unit is due the next class after the test-- which is on Monday! Don't forget to include your completed assignments, your table of contents, your self-evaluations and an appealing title page!**
I guess that concludes this for me. The next person who will post will be "tall guy" Chris. Yes you. Haha. Mwahahahhaha.... =D