Tuesday, October 24, 2006
posted by Stephanie at 8:37 p.m.

Hey guys!
It's the very beginning of our new unit "rational Exponents and Radicals". Remember, tommorow at lunch hour is your only chance to redo last weeks, end of unit test.
Anyways today we looked at different sets of numbers, and cool patterns of how they can be used.
If you look above I have the diagram of the notes that we copied.
It explains how Natural Numbers (called this because they come naturally to a person), are connected with zero. Which makes a new set of numbers. The Whole Numbers and Zero (Which are part of a whole), are connected with Negative Numbers (which are lesser than zero). Which makes Integers, (either positive or negative) are connected to Non-Integers (Basically fractions), to make Rational Numbers (a ratio of 2 integers).
The symbol of the type of #, an example of the #, and an explanation are all in the appropriate boxes above.
We were also given a worksheet to do in class, but was for homework if not finished.
It was just showing neat little tricks and patterns on the calculater, when turning fractions into repeating decimals.
So ask Ms. Armstrong for your homework.
And remember that when you round of any decimal, each place value will lose you accuracy in the actual number.