Saturday, October 07, 2006
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Okay, yesterday's math class, October 6th wasn't much of a math class. First, the whole school was really confused, because of the whole fire drill situation. We ended up spending about a third of the class standing outside in the cold. But when we did end up being allowed back inside the school, Ms. Armstrong told us we'd get the class to work on our "Build A Slide" project. For those of you who don't remember what the project is, or didn't recieve a hand out, here it is:

A) Using household items, you task is to build a model of a playground slide (5 marks)

B) Once you have completed the model, you will draw a labelled diagram of your model. Be sure to include an origin and (x,y) values for the height and base of the slide. Let 1cm represent 1 unit on the Cartesian plane. (5 marks)

C) CALCULATE the length of the slide using the DISTANCE FORMULA (on the orange sheet). Be sure to show all of your work and don't forget to include appropriate units (5 marks)

D) Measure the length of the slide. How does the measured length differ from the calculated length of the slide? Provide possible explanations for any discrepancies between the 2 values (5 marks)

E) Using TRIGONOMETRIC RATIOS, calculate the angle of inclination for your slide. Then use a protractor and measure the angle of inclination on your model. How do the 2 values compare? Provide possible sources of error to explain any difference in values. (5 marks)

F) CALCULATE the slope of the slide using the SLOPE FORMULA (on the orange sheet). (3 marks)

G) In proper paragraph format, DISCUSS how a change in the height of the staircase leading up to the slide would affect the slope of the slide. Be sure to include safety considerations as well as the enjoy ability for children using the slide. Diagrams and additional calculations may be useful to illustrate your position and understanding of the concepts. This portion must be at least 1 page. (20 marks)

You will need to hand in:
- Your model
- A neatly organized package of diagrams, calculations and write ups that follows the sequence of the outline
- The package must also include a visually stimulating and approriate title page. Don't forget to put your names, class and due date on the title page.

And, don't forget about Ms. Armstrong's LEGO girl. She should be able to slide down your slide safely without falling, or breaking the slide.

** DUE DATE : Friday, October 13th. **

Ms. Armstrong also gave us the tip of using this blog as a way to communicate with other memebers of your group, but DO NOT GIVE EACH OTHER YOUR PHONE NUMBERS, or other personal information on here.

As far as the class itself, Ms. Armstrong had to leave early, yet again, because of another football game (which I'm wondering if we won), so Ms. Ingram came in and kept an eye over us. And don't worry Ms. Armstrong, we behaved. :)

The blogger for Tuesday will be Christine.


At October 12, 2006 4:42 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous

I learnt that i can use trigonomic values to figure out angles. What does slope mean?