Saturday, September 23, 2006
posted by Xuan at 1:51 p.m.
Well yesterday's class started with Ms. Armstrong explaining to us about the sheets that the sub gave out. They don't have to be done, the point of it was to get the sheet with things you are having trouble with, so it will help you on our TEST: Monday, September 25th, 2006.

Ms. Armstrong said that everytime we have a test on an unit, the next day is the due date for the Unit Books, so our Unit Books are due on Tuesday, September 26th,2006.

Ms. Armstrong gave us instructions on how to put together the Unit Book.

1. Title
When making your title page, think about math. The example below is showing you what NOT to do. Superman or other characters and pictures that have nothing to do with math, they're nice, but they don't relate to math, so don't waste your time on a picture that has nothing to do with mathematics. To receive the full 5 marks, it must include, Unit name, diagram, colour and creativity.

2. Table of Contents
The picture below represents the Table of Contents. It isn't really that colour, its a yellow sheet. The colours are only there so I can explain easier. The green column is where you put the date the assignment was given. The blue is where you put the name of the assignment. The yellow column is to help you know if you're done the assignment, for example, if you're done the assignment, then you would put a check on the yellow column next to the assignment. To receive the 5 full marks, you must include complete list of all items covered in class, and assignments that are finished should be checked off.

3. Completeness
To receive the full 5 marks, all of the notes and assignments should be included, they should also be in order to match the order of the Table of Contents. If the work isn't complete then don't put it in, and don't check it off on the Table of Contents.

4. Neatness
For the full 5 marks, everything should be neat, organized in correct order, and easy to read.

5. Self Reflection
The picture below is the self tags. You cut them out seperately on the dotted line. If you have am assignment or worksheet that you are proud of, you would attach the 'I'm Proud' tag to it. If you have something that you think you've improved, then you would attach the 'I've Improved' tag to it. If you have something you need work on, then attach the 'Still need work on' tag to it. And lastly, if you have something that you're not proud of at all, or you think it should be in the trash, attach the 'Trash it" tag on it. Reflections show insight into self improvement and learning.

I had lots of fun doing this scribe, even though it wasn't on a lesson, I hope this will help some people with their Unit One book thingys. haha.
PS. Mondays scribe is going to be .... Kevin, OH and everyone, don't forget there's a TEST Monday, September 25, 2006.
- Xuan


At September 24, 2006 12:30 a.m., Blogger Ms. Armstrong

Nicely done Xuan. I am especially impressed by the Superman title page. Don't forget that the self reflection tags need to answer the question 'why?'. Why are you proud of that piece of work, why would you like to trash an assignment? What did you do, or not do that might help you to learn?