Tuesday, September 19, 2006
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Okay everybody, today we started of class with a recap of yesterday's lesson on factoring. So here are the notes and examples:

1. Can I factor a GCF?

2. Is it a trinomial where a=1? ax2 + bx +

eg. x2 - 1x-6 (Hint: What combonations can I multiply to make 6?) -1,6 -6,1 2,-3 -2,3
2 and -3 is the correct combo, so the answer should look like this: (x+2)(x-3)

3. Only 2 terms, and they are separated by a - sign. eg. a2x2-b2y2

Okay, now here is the notes on differences of squares:


a,b,x, and y must be perfect squares which means that each has an integer square root.

eg. 4x2-y2

2 x y y
2 x


(Remember! Use the
distributive property to check!)

eg. 1/16a4b100-1/100x10y50

(Hint: Find the square root of the bottom number of the fraction!)

It should turn out like this:


Well that was all for the notes that we did, and after that we moved into a game.
Ms. Armstrong handed out a couple of cards for each table, each card having

I have...
and Who has the factors of the expression...

on each side of the card. Each card had an expression on the side, and you had to match it with other cards that other people had across the room.


-Excersise 10, #1-7,11,17, and 19
-She also gave us a puzzle with expressions on it, where you have to match all of the sides together.

And tomorrow's scribe is. . . DESTINI!

Hoped this Helped!



At September 19, 2006 8:56 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous

This is a great summary scribe of your class today. It would be even better if you went back in and showed illustrations or selectively chose colour to highlight the most important points.

Great Scribe

Mr. Harbeck
Sargent Park School